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We provide comprehensive solutions that are essential for embedded system development.

INTEGRITY is a real-time operating system (RTOS) that can be used to develop a wide range of embedded devices such as aircraft, industrial equipment, automobiles, and medical devices, and it has received a number of safety and security certifications.

µ-velOSity is a compact, fast-booting real-time operating system (RTOS) that can be implemented as a C library, allowing it to be easily ported to many target architectures.

INTEGRITY Multivisor is a hypervisor that virtualizes a general-purpose OS such as Linux/Android as a guest OS and can run concurrently and securely with INTEGRITY real-time applications.

μ-visor is a hypervisor for microcontrollers. With the support of hardware virtualization, software can be isolated and multiple operating systems can be integrated without interference along with real-time performance.

The MULTI integrated development environment is an integrated development environment that efficiently supports each phase of embedded software development through a unified graphical user interface (GUI).

The Green Hills Probe has a 4GB capacity, 40 gigabits per second total bandwidth of high-speed trace memory built in, allowing embedded software developers to find bugs faster, fix them, and test them. It enables embedded software developers to find bugs faster and fix, optimize, and test them.

Accelerate generates synthesizable HDL (RTL) from control logic written in C running on a microcontroller. Users can get efficient and fast HDL without having to worry about HDL design work.

EDG Front End

EDG Front End is a front-end for C, C++, and Java from Edison Design Group, Inc. in source code format, including unlimited copy rights in binary format.