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Green Hills Software INTEGRITY RTOS and MULTI IDE Training


Software engineers, application engineers, test engineers, technical managers, product managers or anyone who wants a better technical understanding of Green Hills Software’s products and wants to know how to apply that knowledge to increase productivity and get to market faster.


The class will focus on techniques to speed development, improve product reliability, increase performance and reduce time to market. We'll provide an excellent base of information for the new INTEGRITY and MULTI user and provide insider tricks and more detail for a seasoned user.


Monday, Aug 28 - Friday, Sep 1, 2017 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. all five days


Somewhere in Tokyo

  • Days One and Two: Comprehensive review of MULTI including an overview of the award winning TimeMachine, the EventAnalyzer, the kernel aware debugging tools as well as many other MULTI features which will help developers produce more bug-free products in less time than conventional tool chains.
  • Days Three, Four, and Five:Focus on the INTEGRITY RTOS API with instruction on how to write memory protected applications in one or more address spaces, how to communicate between addresses spaces and how to make the most of the INTEGRITY RTOS.

All five days are strongly recommended for all experience levels, but course components can be split.

  • 500,000yen / person for all five days

NOTE: Travel, lodging and expenses are the responsibility of the attendee. Lunch will be served all five days.


To provide the best learning environment, classes are limited to 12 students. Sign up now to reserve your space.

SYLLABUS: [ Tools Class ]
  • MULTI Overview
    - MULTI Launcher and New Project Wizard
    - Building and Debugging on the Simulator
  • Managing a Project
    - Workspaces and Action Sequences
    - Customizing and Configuring MULTI
    - The Project Manager and Builder Options
    - Project Types and Linker Files
  • Debugging an Application
    - Code Navigation and Debugging
    - Debugger Driven Development
    - Runtime Error Checking and Memory Leak Detection
  • Advanced Debugging
    - Profiling and Event Analyzer
    - Kernel Aware Debugging
    - TimeMachine™ and Trace Viewing
  • Additional Topics
[ API Class ]
  • INTEGRITY Overview
  • INTEGRITY Concepts
    - Kernel Objects
    - Protected OS Concepts and Address Spaces
    - Memory Layout and Scheduling Overview
  • Communication
    - Connections, Buffers, Activities, and Message Queues
    - Signaling
  • Sharing Resources
    - Links and Sharing Kernel Objects
    - Resource Manger
  • Tasks / Scheduling
    - Tasks
    - Health Monitors
    - Thread Safety
  • Synchronization
    - Semaphores
  • Memory
    - Ownership and Control of Memory
    - Shared Memory
  • Hardware
    - Clocks
    - I/O Devices
  • Wrap-Up

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Registration deadline:Monday, July 31, 2017


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